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The Beaten Berry Food Truck
OceansideCA 92056
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Acai Bowl Food Truck & Catering
San Diego, CA

The Beaten Berry Food Truck provides San Diego County with local organic food such as Acai bowls, salad bowls, panini sandwiches, avocado toast, cold-pressed juices, smoothie blends, cold-brewed coffee, Kombucha on tap, and our famous Electric Pitaya Lemonade . . . all in a unique pop-culture atmosphere!

Our food truck travels all over the county, so be sure to follow us as we play music by local artists, hit cool events, business parks, fundraisers, and more. Call us to ask where we are today or schedule us for unique catering your own event, such as your upcoming Fall Festival!

Fresh Eats And Beats

Our mission is to make eating healthy attractive and fun. All of our menu items are vibrant in color and bursting with flavor. San Diegans have named us “The New School Ice Cream Man” . . . we serve “superfood that tastes like a treat.” All of our food is local and organic!

Not only is our food local, but the music we play is, too! That's right! In addition to our “fresh eats,” we also play “fresh beats” at all of our events with local San Diego musicians.

San Diego's Socially-Conscious Truck

Being a food truck doesn't have to mean grease, styrofoam, and plastic! In fact, we are a no trash/no plastic truck; all of our disposables (bowls, cups, lids, straws, spoons) are fully compostable and made of corn.  

Also, a majority of our produce comes from local elementary school gardens, and 100 percent of the money we spend on their produce goes back into their garden education program, giving students 10-15 minutes a day in the garden learning to grow their own organic food. 

We love teaming up with other environmentally-conscious companies in both short term and ongoing campaigns to help serve the community in which we live. We sponsor many youth athletic events and non-profits to help promote eating healthy in a fun environment. We also love donating our time and a portion of our profits to schools and churches' fundraising needs. And if you're planning a corporate event, contact us for quick and easy catering to please the whole crowd.

What We Serve

• Acai Bowls, Matcha Green Tea Bowls, Oatmeal Bowls

Savory Food: Panini Sandwiches, Wraps, Avocado Toast, and more

Rock 'N Bowl: Nutrient-dense yet surprisingly savory bowl with Signature Cilantro Dressing, Fresh Pineapple, Purple Cabbage, a Protein of Choice (Garlic Ginger Chicken, Spiced Garbanzo Beans), Sweet Potato Ribbons, Power Greens, and Quinoa

Drinks: Cold-Pressed Juices, Smoothie Blend, Cold-Brewed Coffee, Kombucha on-tap, Electric Pitaya Lemonade

Want to follow our truck wherever it goes? Check out our calendar so you can partake in the yummy goodness when it's convenient for you!

We also love to attend parties, and you can schedule our truck to attend your next event to make it a smashing success. We love being able to cater to weddings, cookouts, corporate events, pool parties, birthday parties, etc. We're also the perfect choice for catering for a successful fall festival. Contact us today to schedule your event.

How To Enjoy

Our truck is situated in some cool spot near you right now. Serving some of the yummiest and healthiest food truck options around, you'll think you're eating a fun and vibrant dessert. Call us at (760) 672-1456 to find out where we are today or book us for catering!

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